(In chronological order)

"adding some color…"

“Doorway To The Unconscious Landscape”
                      Oil on masonite, 22” x 28”

28 August 2013.

JULY 22ND, 1977 TO MAY 20TH, 2015.​​

9 MARCH 2014.

9 APRIL 2015.

     "Shaping The Will"
Oil on Masonite, 24” x 32”

20 November 2013.


4 AUGUST 2013.

Jacob's final entry.

“The Consciousness Rock” 
   16 x 20, oil on panel

“The Shadow Of Abandonment”
    Oil on masonite, 18” x 24”

14 SEPTEMBER 2014.

"Some close up photos from my current work in progress."

​Oil on Masonite, 26 x 15

30 x 24, Oil on Masonite

22 JUNE 2013.

"Beginning to add color to the

​underpainting of my current WIP."

23 MARCH 2014.

“The Emanation Of Lucifer”
Oil on masonite, 24” x 36”

"Some close ups of “The Shadow Of abandonment."

8 JULY 2013.

5 August 2013.

  “The Sophos”
​ 16 x 20, Acrylic

11 NOVEMBER 2014.

5 October 2013.

13 MAY 2015.

20 SEPTEMBER 2014.

17 APRIL 2014.

Oil on wood panel, 18” x 24”

"Art is important because it makes aspects of the unconscious realm visible to the ego. Many people go lifetimes rejecting half of their consciousness. They do this because it makes no sense to their ego, therefore they write it off as superfluous or scary. As a result they unknowingly get stuck in feedback loops in life. This is because they have rejected a major part of reality, the intangible creative forces that eventually manifest in the physical. That is why all arts are important, both to produce and to experience. Art isn’t for the disciplined or only for people who have put in hours of practice, art is for everyone."

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"Sketchbook color studies."

"Entering the Flesh Again"
         16x20 – Acrylic

16 FEBRUARY 2015.

8 October 2013.

 18 x 24, Acrylic on illustration board

18 x 24 — Oil on Masonite

"Art transcends the barriers of language and culture, because it uses the universal language of symbology. It is a more sacred way of speaking to the human mind. Understanding the symbolic requires the person to be in touch with both their inner self and external surroundings. Much like a dream, a symbol can carry gnosis from the infinite unconscious into the conscious realm. My goal is to awaken something, within myself and my audience, which may not be explainable in words but is expressed viscerally and felt intensely. It may be something simple, or something so complex that I myself am still trying to understand its meaning.The universe creates art through you. It guides your hand in space and time, and you witness its beautiful unfolding."

- Jacob Mantia.


13 August 2013.

"Entering the Flesh Again - Time lapse."

     "Utopia Has Fallen"
18 x 24 — Oil on Masonite

all artwork and quoted text appears courtesy of artofmantia.tumblr.com

             "Quartz Study."
15 x 18 — Acrylic on Canvas Board

11 JULY 2014.

"A time lapse of the piece titled 'Licentious.'"